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Oregon Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffer from injuries sustained in that collision due to the fault of another driver, then you may be able to receive compensation for your damages, losses, and/or injuries. Admittedly, each and every accident case is unique in facts, circumstances, parties, attorneys, applicable insurance coverage, damages, and jurisdiction. That is why it is smart to consult with an experienced auto accident lawyer in Oregon to further discuss the specifics of your particular case.

What Are a Driver's Responsibilities After a Car Wreck?

In Oregon, the law is clear that drivers involved in car accidents have several delineated duties they must perform within the requisite time frames, or they face receipt of a citation and/or other legal penalties.

  • First and foremost, drivers involved in car crashes must stop immediately at the scene of the accident or as close as possible. They should avoid blocking or creating any sort of danger with respect to other traffic. "Hit and run" offenses are considered significant traffic crimes within the state. If convicted, a driver's license could be suspended or revoked.
  • A driver involved in a crash must next render medical aid and attention to the best of his or her abilities and within reason. Drivers are required to reasonably aid all injured parties in accidents. Injured parties should not be moved without care—or, in many instances, not at all until trained medical help is available to render first aid. If a person dies at the scene or is unconscious, the driver involved in the accident must remain at the accident scene until law enforcement arrives. If a driver leaves the scene prior to the arrival of the police, it is deemed a "hit and run" and is punishable as such an offense.
  • Drivers should exchange information with one another. A driver involved in an accident should give the other driver, passengers, or any pedestrian injured in the crash, his or her name, address, driver's license number, license plate number, and auto insurance information.
  • A driver should report the crash to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The original accident report must be filed with the DMV.

What Are the Oregon Reporting Requirements Post-Accident?

Drivers involved in car collisions in Oregon have specific reporting requirements they must satisfy post-accident with the DMV. Primarily, drivers must file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report with the DMV. This must be done within 72 hours of the crash if any of the following apply:

  • There is damage to the car the driver was in, and that damage totals more than $1,500.
  • There is damage to any car involved in the wreck that totals more than $1,500, and any car is towed from the accident scene due to crash damages.
  • There is injury or death to any party as a result of the collision.
  • There are damages to any party's property other than a car, and those damages surpass $1,500.

These requirements are rigidly construed and enforced.

Oregon law requires that all accidents that occur in areas open to the public for use of cars must be reported. Do not allow another driver involved in your accident to persuade you to fix the damages below the statutory amounts and not file a report. Any agreement to commit this sort of conduct is illegal if the damages truly are in excess of $1,500. These reporting requirements apply for one-vehicle crashes, as well. Drivers who fail to report eligible wrecks will have their driver's licenses suspended. It is also important to retain a copy of the reporting for your own reference and filing purposes. Do not confuse this reporting requirement with a police report, as it is a separate and additional required reporting of drivers over and above a police report.

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