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Louisiana Auto Accidents

Louisiana auto accident victims assume there is nothing they can do to improve their situation after an accident, but that is not the case. Louisiana lawyers suggest several key steps for improving your chances of prevailing on accident claims:

  • Do not speak to an insurance claims agent or adjuster. Let your auto accident lawyer negotiate with insurers on your behalf. Adjusters ask leading questions and present waivers, releases, and confusing documents that can reduce or eliminate your right to receive adequate compensation. Do not make a recorded or taped statement or sign any document until you have the benefit of consultation with counsel.
  • Talk to witnesses at the accident scene and take pictures of the scene and damage if you are able. Photographic evidence is difficult to dispute, especially in a mediation context or as a visual or demonstrative aid for the jury at trial. Write down names, addresses, and contact information for witnesses for future reference, especially in the event of litigation. Pay attention to statements made about speed, signals, swerving, right-of-way, stop signs, traffic lights, blind spots, aggressive and defensive driving.
  • Get prompt medical treatment. You have the right after an accident to see a doctor of your own choosing. Do not allow an insurer to select the doctor you must see. Follow your doctor’s recommended regimen and keep detailed records of all medical treatments, prescriptions, and services received. Keep a record of appointments, medications, treatments, hospitalizations, and office visits.
  • Consult with a Louisiana car collision lawyer. It is a good idea to request an initial consultation with at least one Louisiana car accident attorney as soon after your accident as possible. They can help you understand your rights and options, and how to best protect your legal interests at the earliest stages.

When Should I Retain a Lawyer?

Act quickly after you are injured in a car wreck to report the accident to police, emergency medical services, and all auto insurance carriers. The faster you retain an auto accident attorney in Louisiana, the more that attorney can do in your case in its infancy stages. For example, your attorney will act quickly to preserve the evidence at the accident scene and identify and assemble key witnesses. She may hire independent investigators and experts to assist with your case and take the lead in negotiations and settlement discussions with the insurer before significant litigation costs are incurred.

Key Questions to Ask When Retaining a Lawyer

When you are choosing a Louisiana car collision attorney to handle your case, consider making specific queries to guide you in finding the right legal fit. The attorney candidate should be eager, willing, and able to address your questions to your full satisfaction, and to alert you on key issues. Here are some questions to ask during the screening process:

  1. Does the attorney practice auto accident law on a regular basis? If so, what percentage of his legal practice does it comprise?
  2. How long has the candidate practiced in the area of auto accident or personal injury law?
  3. Does the attorney usually represent plaintiffs or defendants in auto accident and personal injury cases?
  4. Does the attorney candidate have experience successfully undertaking cases similar to your claim in facts and issues?
  5. Has the attorney favorably settled a large number of cases on behalf of injured parties like you?
  6. Do former or current clients have positive statements to offer about their case experiences and relationship with the attorney?
  7. Does the attorney have sufficient time, resources, and staff to undertake your case?
  8. Will the candidate clearly explain Louisiana’s legal process and all aspects of your claim?

Locate a Louisiana Car Accident Attorney Today

A Louisiana car accident lawyer will represent you in court proceedings, most likely in Louisiana’s state courts. He will examine and evaluate your particular case and assess possible bases for your recovery and the probable damages stemming from the car accident. He can highlight strengths and weaknesses of your case and outline the likely timeline for negotiating or litigating your claims. A car accident lawyer can help you navigate the Louisiana court system and best position your claim for the highest possible recovery. Call now to speak with an auto collision lawyer in Louisiana at 877-913-7222.

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