Admiralty & Maritime Law
Admiralty & maritime lawyers can help resolve business-, employment- and accident-related disputes involving ships & the people aboard them.
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Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Admiralty & Maritime Law

People have been navigating the seas for centuries, and many different laws have been enacted through the years to ensure the safety and protection of the people and organizations who do so. If you work a job that takes place at sea - perhaps aboard one of the many cruise ships, or on a fishing boat - then you are probably working within the jurisdiction of international maritime law. One of the most worrisome things that can happen in such situations is an injury at sea. If you become the victim of an off shore injury, it is critical to contact maritime injury attorneys as soon as possible.

What You Need To Know About Injuries At Sea

You may not realize it, but getting injured at sea involves a complex array of laws and regulations. The main thing that you should be aware of as an employee at sea is the Jones Act, which affords a jury trial to seamen who need to sue their employers. Understanding that law - and knowing where to find maritime injury lawyers - are the best ways to protect yourself.

You should also keep these basic points in mind:

  • Maritime law covers a broad array of different things, from the transportation of passengers and goods to navigation and marine commerce. Any time you have a legal issue at sea, maritime law kicks in.
  • Pursuing a case regarding something that happened at sea is a lot different than pursuing one that occurred on dry land. Only a skilled admiralty attorney can help.
  • Letting your employer ""off the hook"" by not protecting your rights in a court of law allows them to continue their inappropriate practices. Secure a lawyer to ensure that other people don't go through the same things that you have had to.