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How Much Does a Seattle Workers' Comp Lawyer Charge?

If you’ve been injured on the job and are seeking to collect workers’ compensation, you need a lawyer. Specifically, you need a Seattle workers’ comp lawyer who can help guide you through the process of obtaining and collecting compensation because of your injuries.

You’re also probably wondering how much a workers’ compensation attorney charges. The following article will help you understand how a lawyer bills for his time.

In Washington State, a workers' compensation lawyer cannot be paid more than 30 percent of the money he wins on his client's behalf. In addition, you can ask that the insurance company pay the attorney's fees in addition to paying your benefits, so your benefits award is not reduced.

You should discuss attorneys’ fees and how they will be paid during your initial consultation. An initial consultation is a meeting between you and the lawyer to discuss and analyze your case. It is the time to learn about how the lawyer charges for his services and the terms of the lawyer agreement. You are most likely to select your lawyer at this meeting as well.

Make sure you ask the lawyer fee-related questions during the initial consultation to gauge how much your case will cost. Ask the lawyer how he charges for services.

How a Seattle Workers’ Comp Lawyer Bills for Services

Most Seattle workers’ comp lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they take a percentage of the amount awarded for your case. The benefit to this type of fee arrangement is that if you lose the case, you do not have to pay the lawyer but you may have to pay for related expenses.

By law, the contingency fee cannot exceed 30 percent. That means, for example, if you win $100,000 for your case, the lawyer could earn $30,000. However, you can try to negotiate a lower fee before hiring the attorney.

Lawyers that bill an hourly rate charge for every minute worked on a case. For example, if a lawyer charges $400 per hour and the lawyer works ten hours, your cost is $4,000. The hourly rate is the most common type of fee arrangement for many types of legal work, but relatively uncommon for workers' compensation cases. Again, you will not have to pay the lawyer's fee if your case is unsuccessful.

Since Seattle on-the-job injury lawyers can charge for their services in different ways, take notes during the initial consultation to better understand the terms you and the attorney agreed to regarding your workers’ comp case. Remember, these costs not only include the fee arrangement, but ancillary expenses such as overhead costs.

Ask questions to make sure you and the lawyer are on the same page regarding fees. Ask the lawyer what type of fee he charges. Ask what’s included in the cost and what’s extra. Ask the lawyer to estimate the total cost of your workers’ compensation case. If the lawyer works on contingency, ask the lawyer how much he stands to earn from your settlement.

If you are comfortable with the lawyer’s billing rates, you will be happier with your ultimate hiring decision.