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How to Hire a Seattle Workers' Compensation Attorney

The time after an on-the-job accident is stressful and the workers’ compensation process can be complicated. A Seattle workers’ compensation attorney can help you pursue the benefits you need.

Hiring an attorney can seem intimidating if you haven’t done it before. This article will help if you need to hire a Seattle work injury attorney but don’t know how to start.

Finding a Seattle Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The first simple step is to locate a lawyer or several who interest you. A great place to start is with people you already know. You may find that some of your family, friends or coworkers have used a Seattle work accident lawyer before. Ask around and see if they can give you a personal recommendation.

When you get recommendations, ask some questions that will help you learn about each lawyer. For example, ask about the type of injury, and what each lawyer did to pursue the claim. Did they get benefits? Would they hire the attorney again? The answers can guide you to a good attorney. is another excellent way to find lawyers in Bellevue, Shoreline and across Seattle. Either call 1-877-913-7222 or fill out the online form. After you answer a few questions, will put you in touch with at least one Seattle work accident lawyer near you. You’ll get a call within two business days, or you can call first.

Once you’ve found a Seattle workers’ compensation lawyer or lawyers that interest you, it’s time to start interviewing.

Your Initial Consultation With a Seattle Work Injury Attorney

The choice of an attorney is personal, and the attorney that's right for one person may not be right for another. Your lawyer will play an important role in your claim, and you'll be working closely together. It's important that you find a good match. The initial consultation, your first meeting with an attorney, is the time to find out.

The first consultation is usually free, so you can explain your case and learn about an attorney without any pressure. You’ll make your best choice in a Seattle work injury attorney if you’re well informed, so ask questions about the topics that are important to your case. Some suggested areas to discuss are:

  • Experience as a Seattle workers’ compensation attorney
  • Knowledge of the workers’ compensation system, including the Department of Labor and Industries and the people you may encounter during your claim
  • First impressions of your case
  • Suggested legal strategy
  • Legal fees

It’s also important that you are comfortable and confident in the attorney you hire. The lawyer’s approach to you during your meeting will help you decide if you will have a good personal relationship.

Before your consultation, write down your questions about these topics and others. Bring them to the meeting along with any paperwork related to your claim. For example, injury reports, medical bills and correspondence from an insurance company will help the attorney understand your case. Be sure to also bring a pen and paper to take notes. You’ll need to review each meeting when it’s time to choose an attorney.

Choosing a Seattle Work Accident Lawyer

Start by reviewing your notes when all your consultations are complete. Think about your impressions of the attorneys and their qualifications. If one fits you and your claim well, you’ve found your lawyer.

If you can’t decide or could use some more information, you may need to ask some follow-up questions or get a reference. The opinion of a prior client may help you decide on an attorney, so ask them about their case, the result and their impression of the attorney’s representation.

As soon as you are comfortable with your decision, contact the attorney and proceed with your claim.