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How to Hire a Virginia Workers' Comp Lawyer

If you have been injured recently in an on-the-job accident, you should talk to a Virginia workers' comp lawyer. This article can help demystify the search process and help you find the best attorney to represent you.

The first thing you should do to find an attorney is take some time to consider what qualities you want in a Virginia worker's comp lawyer. Some desirable qualities you probably want can be found in someone:

  • With experience representing clients with Virginia workers' compensation claims
  • Who recommends a strategy for handling your claim that you believe is smart and will get the results you want
  • Whose legal fees are reasonable and fair
  • Whose estimate of how much money in benefits you could receive is realistic
  • Who makes you feel confident in his or her judgment and advice
  • With whom you can see yourself working for several months or more

Finding a Virginia Workers' Comp Attorney

There are several ways to find a Virginia workers' comp lawyer.

Talk to your friends, acquaintances, and family members. Maybe they have previously hired a Virginia workers' compensation attorney. First-hand recommendations can be invaluable. Or, if you know a local attorney, ask if he or she can recommend a Virginia workers' comp lawyer.

If you can't get personal recommendations or if you just want the names of additional attorneys, you've come the right website. offers a service that can connect you to a Virginia workers' compensation attorney in your neighborhood.

When you are ready to begin the process, either call 1-877-913-7222 or fill out the short form here on this website. After answering a few questions, we will provide you with the contact information for a worker's compensation lawyer in your area of Virginia. You may contact him or her directly, or the lawyer will get in touch with you within two business days.

Preparing to Meet with a Virginia Workers' Compensation Attorney

Once you have the name a Virginia workers' comp lawyer, you are now ready to take the next step: interviewing the attorney. Most workers' compensation lawyers in Virginia will be willing to talk with you during a brief introductory meeting, called an initial consultation. Often these meetings are offered free of charge, but double check when you book the appointments.

At the initial consultations, you can accomplish several goals. You can learn about the attorney's background and experience. You can get some valuable feedback as to the value of your Virginia workers' compensation claim, and most importantly, you can determine which one is the best attorney to represent you.

You'll want to bring several things with you to your initial consultations, including:

  • A list of written questions you've prepared, so that you don't forget to ask anything important
  • A pen and paper to record the answers
  • Any documentation you have regarding your workplace accident, including medical records and bills

In preparing your questions, remember that your ultimate purpose in meeting with the attorneys is to determine which one to hire. So focus your questions with that goal in mind. Some good topics to touch on include:

  • The lawyer's background in representing Virginia clients with workers' compensation claims
  • Possible strategies for handling your claim
  • The lawyer's opinion on whether you are likely to settle your claim or go to an administrative hearing for resolution, and how much your claim could be worth to you in benefits
  • How the lawyers would bill you for their time, and how much that bill could be
    • Whether you are in Virginia Beach or Blacksburg or any spot in between, if you have any special needs from your attorney, you should mention them during the initial consultations. For example, you may need weekend appointments or communication in another language. Don't be shy in asking about these.

      Meeting with Virginia Workers' Compensation Attorneys

      As you meet with each attorney on your list, you should feel free to speak openly about your workplace accident. Workers' compensation attorneys in Virginia are bound by strict confidentiality rules that prevent them from disclosing anything you share at an initial consultation. Even if you end up hiring a different attorney, all attorneys must keep the information shared at initial consultations confidential.

      As you and the attorney chat, pay close attention to how your questions are answered. Measure each attorney against the qualities you have already decided are important to you. Ask yourself:

      • Does this attorney have the experience and background I need?
      • Do I feel confident about this attorney's abilities and proposed strategy?
      • Are the legal fees reasonable?
      • Do I feel comfortable with the attorney's recommendations and judgment?

      After you've met with all the attorneys on your list, it's time to choose a Virginia workers' comp attorney to hire. If you've only met with one but feel strongly about his or her abilities or if you met with several but one was an outstanding candidate, your decision is easy.

      If, however, you have several close contenders, call some of their previous clients to get some real-world feedback about how the attorneys handled their workers' compensation claims. Based on what they tell you, you should be able to narrow the field to the very best attorney to represent you.

      Once you've hired a lawyer, you're ready to move forward with your claim.