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How to Hire a Houston Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If a recent workplace injury has you thinking about hiring a Houston workers’ compensation attorney, we can show you the steps to find the right attorney for you.

Especially if you’ve never hired a lawyer before, you may not know the first move to make. But by applying our helpful hints to your common sense, you’ll see it’s not difficult at all.

First think about what qualities your ideal Houston workers’ compensation attorney should have. You probably want one who:

  • Has experience representing clients with injuries and/or on-the-job accidents similar to your own
  • Offers sound advice for getting the most workers’ compensation benefits you can
  • Charges a reasonable fee
  • Is someone you can trust

Keep these qualities in mind as you go about completing the rest of the steps to finding a Houston workers’ comp attorney.

Getting Names of Houston Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Next, you need to get the name of at least one recommended Houston workers’ compensation attorney. You can ask around your friends, family members and business associates to see if they have ever sustained a workplace injury and used the help of a Houston attorney to collect on their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

If they have, find out what it was like working with their attorney and whether they got the results they wanted. Ask if they would use the same attorney again, if needed.

If your friends do not have any referrals for you, or you’d like another name for your list, you can give us a call. offers a service that can connect you with a workers’ compensation lawyer in your part of Houston.

When you’re ready, dial 1-877-913-7222 or complete the short form at this website. Answer a few questions. Then, whether you are in East End or Spring Branch or any other part of the city, we will pass along the name and contact information for at least one workers’ comp lawyer near you.

You may contact the lawyer at your convenience, or the lawyer will get back to you within two business days.

Preparing to Meet with a Houston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After you have the name of at least one Houston workers’ comp lawyer, your next move is to set up an interview. Most workers’ compensation lawyers in Houston are willing to meet with you to discuss your case in an informal session called an initial consultation. At an initial consultation, you can:

  • Learn about a lawyer’s background and experience representing other Houston clients with workers’ compensation claims like your own
  • Review your legal options and discuss strategy
  • Decide whether this is the attorney for you

Many workers’ comp lawyers in Texas will not charge you for an initial consultation. Ask about any fees when you set up the appointment.

To make the most of your time, bring with you any paperwork you have documenting your workplace injury. This could include medical reports and bills, contact information for any witnesses, photographs and any communication you have had with your employer regarding your accident.

Before you head out to your first initial consultation, take some time to write out any questions you might have. Pack those with your other documents so you don’t forget to ask anything. Include some extra paper and a pen so you can jot down the answers and any notes you want to take.

Meeting with a Houston Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When you meet with Houston workers’ comp lawyers at initial consultations, be prepared to share all the documentation you have gathered and answer their questions directly.

You do not have to fear that the lawyers you meet will report anything you say to your employer or the authorities. All workers’ compensation attorneys in Houston are bound by strict rules that prevent them from repeating anything you tell them. Even if you hire someone else, the other lawyers you meet will keep your confidence.

As you are discussing the circumstances of your workplace accident and what your legal strategy might be, think back to those qualities you defined as important for your ideal attorney. Ask yourself:

  • Does this attorney have the experience I need?
  • What do I think of how the attorney will handle my claim?
  • Do the attorney’s legal fees seem reasonable?
  • Can I trust this attorney?

Selecting a Houston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you are finished interviewing all the attorneys on your list, it’s time to hire one. If you are torn between two or more candidates, consider calling a few former clients of each and getting some feedback about what it was like to work with these attorneys. Their input should help you figure out your one best choice in a Houston workers’ compensation lawyer.

Once you have hired your lawyer, you can move forward with your workers’ comp claim.