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How to Hire a Dallas OSHA Attorney

In Dallas, OSHA and state regulations require a safe workplace. Accidents still happen, and your life can change quickly due to an injury on the job. Workers’ compensation is designed to help you recover.

Dallas worker comp benefits provide for medical care and lost wages, but if you’ve been injured because your job site didn’t follow safety regulations, you may have another legal case. A Dallas workers' comp attorney can help you sort out your claim and pursue all your possible solutions.

What to Look For in a Dallas OSHA & Worker Comp Attorney

Workers’ comp in Dallas can be complicated, and if your case involves an OSHA violation, it can be even more complex. You need to hire an attorney with the skill and knowledge to handle every aspect of your case.

The first step in finding a capable attorney is knowing what to look for. Some important qualities are:

  • Experience with Dallas OSHA and workers' comp law.
  • Knowledge of workers’ comp in Dallas, as well as federal and Texas regulations
  • Familiarity with the administrative and judicial systems you’ll be using, including the Texas Department of Insurance
  • A complete and logical legal strategy
  • Reasonable legal fees
  • The ability to make you feel comfortable and confident

Keep these qualities in mind as you search for and interview attorneys.

How to Find a Dallas Workers' Comp Attorney

There are several ways to find a Dallas workers' comp lawyer. Look to your family, friends and coworkers first. Ask if any of them have used an attorney to get workers’ comp in Dallas. If they have, find out more. Ask how the case turned out, if they were happy with their attorney and if they’d use him again. If you get a positive recommendation or several, note the name and number of each attorney.

If you prefer privacy, or need to get additional attorney names, can help. Our easy, confidential and free service can help you find Dallas OSHA and workers’ compensation attorneys. Whether you live in Lake Highlands, West Dallas or anywhere else in the Dallas area, can find a lawyer near you. Just call 1-877-913-7222, or fill out the online form. After you answer a few questions, you’ll be connected with one or more local attorneys. They’ll contact you within two business days, or you can call them directly.

At this point, you may have one or several attorneys that interest you on your list. The next step is to find one with the right qualifications.

The Initial Consultation

Not every attorney is a good fit for every client. It’s up to you to find one with the experience and the personal qualities you need. The initial consultation, or first meeting, with an attorney is when you talk about your case, ask questions and get an early look at your legal options. These meetings are usually free, and you don’t have to hire the attorney when you’re done.

You’ll need to be prepared for each consultation on your schedule.

  • Write a list of questions. The questions you ask will help you learn about an attorney’s important qualities and experience with workers’ comp in Dallas.
  • Gather and bring all the documents you have that relate to your injury. This includes accident reports, medical reports and bills, correspondence from an insurance company or the State of Texas as well as anything else you believe is important.
  • Bring a pen and paper. You’ll need your notes later when you’re deciding whom to hire.

Hiring an Attorney

When all your consultations are complete, it’s time to choose an attorney. Review your notes, and ask:

  • Which attorney had the most experience with Dallas workers' comp?
  • Which attorney had the most knowledge of OSHA and workers’ comp law?
  • Which attorney had a strong legal strategy?
  • Which attorney made me feel the most comfortable?
  • Which attorney can I afford?

If you can’t decide, try to get a first-hand opinion. Many attorneys will provide client references, so you can get a former client’s opinion on a particular lawyer. Their personal account is often helpful.

When you have gathered enough information and are confident in your choice, contact the attorney and move forward with your case.