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How to Choose a Pittsburgh Worker Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, you’ll need to alert your employer to the incident and file a Pittsburgh worker compensation claim. Your employer’s insurance company will have lawyers on its side, so you’ll want to have one working on your behalf as well. The lawyer can help you through the whole Pittsburgh workers' comp process, beginning with filing for benefits and continuing through any appeals that are needed.

As you begin to explore, you’ll discover many Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys, both in the city itself and in nearby areas such as Fox Chapel and Mount Lebanon. This article offers guidance on how to find the lawyers, evaluate them and select the one who’s right for you.

Beginning Your Search for a Pittsburgh Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Just as you’d want a doctor you trust to care for your medical issues, you’ll want a lawyer you trust to handle your Pittsburgh workers' compensation claim. Often the best way to find good Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys is to ask those close to you for referrals. If friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone else you feel comfortable asking has had personal experience with such a lawyer, that’s a good place to start. Ask your source if the lawyer had reasonable fees, if the case went well and the outcome was acceptable, and if anything about the experience was negative. Note, though, that every case is different, so despite the recommendation you will need to reach your own conclusion about the lawyer. is another source of leads on Pittsburgh worker compensation attorneys. Fill out the form on this site, or call 1-877-913-7222, and then answer a few questions. After you do that, will put you in touch with one or more lawyers in your area. The lawyers will call you within two business days, or you can call them at your convenience.

Interviewing Pittsburgh Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Once you have a short list of Pittsburgh worker compensation lawyers to consider, your next step is to decide which one you should hire to represent you. You’ll do this by asking questions during your initial consultations. An initial consultation is the first meeting you have with a lawyer. It gives both of you the opportunity to determine if you should work together. Most lawyers offer initial consultations free of charge, but it’s smart to confirm this when you schedule each appointment.

Prepare for these meetings by gathering any paperwork that will help the Pittsburgh workers' comp attorney understand the details of your case. For instance, you’ll want to bring the accident report and any paperwork from the examining physician. In addition, you should write down a list of questions to ask each lawyer. Topics covered should include:

  • The lawyer’s background and education
  • The length of time he’s been in practice
  • The types of cases he handles
  • His experience with Pittsburgh worker compensation cases similar to yours
  • His experience with workers' compensation appeals
  • How much he charges in fees and expenses
  • His fee structure
  • His opinion about your case, including your legal options

You also should ask questions on any subject that will help you get a complete picture of the lawyer. Taking notes on the answers will help you later, as you review all the information you’ve gathered so you can decide which attorney to hire.

Choosing the Right Pittsburgh Worker Compensation Lawyer

When your initial consultations are done, you should find yourself with a hefty pile of notes and a well-formed impression of each Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorney you interviewed.

Take the time to consider your impressions, adding to them the notes you took, so you can determine which lawyer meets your criteria most completely. If your choice is not clear-cut, ask the lawyers for references. You may find it helpful to talk to former clients who’ve trusted these lawyers to handle their own Pittsburgh workers' comp cases. This last piece of input should help you make an informed decision and move ahead with your case.