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How to Select an Oregon Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Though employers try to prevent on-the-job injuries, they do occur. If you’ve been injured at work, you need to hire an Oregon workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer who concentrates his practice on helping people injured on the job will be your advocate and help you obtain the highest compensation and benefits possible. This article will help you identify and select an attorney who fits your needs.

Searching for an Oregon Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Whether you live in Portland, Richland, Keno or any other city in Oregon, you need a lawyer who focuses on workers’ compensation and can formulate a solid legal strategy for your case. The lawyer should also have a good reputation in the legal community, know Oregon workers’ compensation laws, the Oregon courts and the major players in this arena, such as judges, insurance carriers and fellow lawyers.

The Oregon workers’ comp lawyer must also charge reasonable rates.

Probably the most important element is your comfort level with a lawyer. Since you will be discussing private medical matters related to your injury, and the relationship you establish could be ongoing, you need to feel at ease and trust the lawyer you hire.

Now that you know what to look for in an Oregon workers’ comp lawyer, you need to find one to hire. If you’ve never hired a lawyer before and are wondering how to go about finding one, a good resource is people you know.

Ask friends, family members or work associates if they’ve ever retained a workers’ comp attorney. Personal recommendations are valuable because they provide great feedback on a lawyer and how he interacts with clients. can also put you in touch with an Oregon workers' comp lawyer. Simply fill out the form on this site, or call 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few simple questions, we can connect you with an Oregon workers’ compensation lawyer in your area. You can call the lawyer directly, or the lawyer will be in touch within two business days.

Initial Consultations with Oregon Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Once you’ve identified a few lawyers, you need to schedule initial consultations with them. An initial consultation is a meeting between you and a lawyer to discuss your workers’ compensation case and decide if you want to hire the lawyer. It’s also a prime opportunity to get to know the lawyer, his case management style and billing rates.

Initial consultations are generally free, but confirm this when making the appointment.

After scheduling consultations with some workers’ comp lawyers, prepare for the meetings. First gather relevant documents. These include medical bills and medical records relating to your injury, eyewitness accounts and messages from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Next, write a detailed account of the incident. This will help the lawyer better analyze your case. A workers’ compensation lawyer may ask you to fill out a form that details similar information prior to your initial consultation.

Include information about your injury. Note how it happened, where it occurred and the name of the supervisor you reported the incident to. Provide a list of witnesses who saw the incident as well.

Incorporate information regarding the medical treatment you received and when it was provided.

Don’t forget your contact information: home address, home phone number, cell phone number and email. Also add your employer’s address and phone number.

Then compile a list of questions to ask the attorney. Ask questions about the attorney’s experience, billing rates, legal strategy for your case and your legal options. Also ask how the lawyer will manage the work load associated with your case.

Finally, bring writing materials to take notes during your meetings.

Selecting an Oregon Work Comp Lawyer

After you’ve met with a few attorneys, you need to pick one to help you negotiate your workers’ compensation claim and appeal any denial of claims. To do this, you should compare the pros and cons of each lawyer interviewed and then select the one who best fits your needs. Ask yourself:

  • Which lawyer has the best experience for my workers’ compensation claim?
  • Which proposed legal strategy works best for my situation?
  • Whose legal advice do I most trust?
  • Which attorney am I most comfortable with?
  • Whose legal fees and expenses seem the most reasonable?
  • Whose expectations seem most realistic?
  • After asking yourself these questions, select the attorney with the best fit and proceed with your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.