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How to Select a Kansas City Workers' Compensation Attorney

On-the-job injuries are an unfortunate occurrence, and Missouri workers’ compensation insurance is there to help injured workers get back on their feet. If you have been hurt on the job, a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the benefits you need to recover.

The sooner you hire a Kansas City injury attorney, the sooner you can put your benefits claim in the hands of an expert. This article explains how to find and hire a Kansas City, Missouri, personal injury attorney to take your claim.

How to Find a Kansas City Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Chances are that someone you know at home or at work has hired a Kansas City personal injury attorney before. Start by asking the people you know if they can recommend a good attorney to help with your claim. When you get a recommendation, ask the person about their experience. If they were happy with the attorney and the result, write down the lawyer’s name and contact information. can also help you find a lawyer in Briarcliff, Grandview and throughout Kansas City. The service is free, fast and confidential. Just fill out the online form, or call 1-877-913-7222 to be connected with at least one Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney near you. You’ll be contacted within two business days, or you can call at your convenience.

What to Look For in a Kansas City Injury Attorney

Not all attorneys are the same. You need to find an attorney who has the right skill set to successfully handle your claim. There are several important qualities you should look for in each attorney you consider. Important factors include:

  • Extensive experience as a Kansas City personal injury attorney
  • Knowledge of the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation and the judges, staff and arbitrators you may face
  • An intelligent and reasonable legal strategy for pursuing your claim
  • Reasonable legal fees
  • A personal approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident

You should look for these qualities and any others that are important to you as you interview attorneys.

Meeting With a Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney

You should schedule a meeting with every attorney you may hire. When you meet for the first time, you will tell about your injury, discuss your claim and learn about the attorney. This meeting is called an initial consultation. The first consultation is usually free, so you can get to know a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney without financial obligation.

Prepare for your consultations by:

  • Collecting all the documents you have about your case. Medical reports, accident reports and correspondence from your employer or insurance company are all important. They will help the lawyer understand your case, so bring them with you to your consultation.
  • Writing a list of questions for the lawyer. Focus your questions on the topics that will help you choose a qualified lawyer.
  • Bringing a pen and paper to take notes. You will learn a lot in your consultations, and it’s important that you can review it later.

Choosing an Attorney

After you’ve met with each attorney, it’s time to make a choice. Review your notes and think about your personal impressions of each attorney.

If you find it difficult to choose a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney, you may need more information. Many lawyers will provide the names of former clients as references. You can contact those clients and get their first-hand opinion about the lawyer.

Consider everything you’ve learned about each Kansas City injury attorney. When you’re confident and ready, hire the attorney who fits you best and proceed with your claim.