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When Should You Hire St. Louis On-The-Job Injury Attorneys?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are an important part of your recovery. St. Louis on-the-job injury attorneys are committed to getting you the benefits you deserve.

A St. Louis injury attorney is a key part of any workers’ compensation claim, whether you’re just getting started or are fighting a delay or denial of benefits. Workers’ compensation lawyers:

  • Have essential experience with the law, the benefits process and the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation
  • Offer sound and practical advice, so you understand your options and can choose the best course of action
  • Handle the details of your claim, which saves you time and lets you focus on your recovery
  • Pursue your benefits aggressively

When to Evaluate St. Louis On-The-Job Injury Attorneys

You should start looking for a St. Louis work injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Even if you’re not sure you’ll hire a lawyer, a short meeting with an attorney can help you understand your options and make sure you’re ready if a lawyer becomes necessary.

First, gather the names of attorneys that practice workers’ compensation law. Good lawyers are available wherever you live, from Jennings to Lemay and across the St. Louis area.

Schedule an initial consultation with each attorney that interests you. The consultation is a meeting where you and a St. Louis on-the-job injury attorney discuss your case and your legal options. You’ll also get a feel for the attorney’s law practice and style, so you’ll be able to choose a lawyer that’s a good fit for you.

Money issues should never keep you from considering an attorney. Consultations are normally free, and almost every St. Louis work injury attorney works uses a contingency fee arrangement. With this type of fee, the attorney is not paid for their time unless you recover benefits. You may need to cover some costs and expenses, but you can proceed with your case without having to worry about paying the bill immediately.

When to Hire a St. Louis Work Injury Attorney

The right time to hire an attorney is immediately after your accident. You shouldn’t discuss your injury with anyone without a lawyer present, and it’s important to collect witness names and preserve evidence right away. Getting started early also gives your attorney enough time to prepare for your case and reduces the legal advantage of your employer and its insurance company.

Many injured workers don’t have an attorney for the early parts of a workers’ compensation claim, but many cases can suddenly require the help of a lawyer. It’s critical to hire an attorney if:

  • You don’t know how to move forward with your claim
  • Your employer or an insurance company is fighting your benefits
  • Your benefits have been reduced or have stopped coming
  • Your benefit claim has been denied

In all of these cases, the experience and knowledge of St. Louis on-the-job injury attorneys can help you protect your rights and move forward with your benefits claim. The moment you decide you need a St. Louis work injury attorney, review the attorneys you’ve met and choose one who has the professional and personal skills to handle your claim.