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How Much Does a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Chicago Cost?

An on-the-job injury may have you wondering about workers’ compensation in Chicago. How can you get benefits? Do you need a lawyer? How much would that cost? This article can help.

All workers’ compensation lawyers in Chicago bill using a contingency fee. This means they do not accept any money from you until you have received workers’ comp benefits from your employer.

Instead, Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers take a percentage of the settlements or awards they get for their clients. In Illinois, the contingency fee for workers’ compensation lawyers is set by law at no more than 20 percent.

The Contingency Fee

With the contingency fee, you do not owe anything until you have received money. This is very popular with clients. It’s especially helpful if you are facing expensive medical bills or long periods of unemployment.

Because your Chicago lawyer’s payday is linked to the success of your workers’ compensation claim, your lawyer has a powerful motivation to help you get the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. 

Other Types of Billing Arrangements

You may have heard of other billing arrangements lawyers use, such as the hourly fee or flat fee. They work just as you’d think, either charging clients by the hour or one lump fee for the attorney’s services. However, workers’ compensation lawyers in Chicago do not use these billing arrangements.

Additional Legal Fees

Besides paying for your lawyer’s time, you may also have to pay for other, related legal expenses. Among these may be:

  • The cost of an investigator to look into your accident
  • The cost of a medical expert to examine your medical records and treatment
  • A paralegal’s time spent on your claim
  • Photocopying
  • Travel-related expenses

When you are still in the interviewing stage of your hunt for a Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer, ask about these and any other legal expenses that may show up on your bill. Try to get an estimate for how much these expenses may total.

Nail Everything Down

When you interview workers’ compensation attorneys in Chicago, make sure you completely understand how they bill their clients. Ask them:

  • What is included in your contingency fee? What is not?
  • Can I get an estimate for them?
  • Do I still owe you anything if I am not able to collect any money?

The answers to these questions will help you understand how much a Chicago workers’ comp lawyer costs.