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How Has the Recession Affected Workers Compensation?

The Great Recession of the past few years has touched most all aspects of society in much of the world.  And the more people struggle, the more they are likely to need legal help in areas such as foreclosure prevention, late payments of all kinds, and delinquent child support.

Another area many Americans rely on is workers compensation laws. These statutes protect workers from unsafe conditions by empowering them to seek compensation when injured on the job.

Impact on Workforce

One of the effects of a recession on workers compensation claims is that it leads to a decline in claims. Fewer new, inexperienced workers tend to be hired in a down economy and are typically injured more often. These workers  are also the most likely to be laid off, according to the National Safety Council.

While some evidence indicates more claims are filed because laid-off workers view workers compensation as an income source they need, that has been more than offset by fewer people being injured because of the glut of volatile new, inexperienced workers.  For many, workers compensation is a safety net that can prevent serious disaster. Benefits can include temporary total disability benefits while you are unable to work, as well as payments for medical bills and full or partial disability.

Need For Legal Advice

Hiring an attorney who specializes in workers comp litigation can help you ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled to. 

"Good advice leads to the best, fastest resolution for all parties before things reach a crisis point," according to H. Thomas Wells Jr., president of the American Bar Association. "The laws involved are complicated for anyone to navigate. Legal aid providers are the critical source of help to many in trouble."