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Ohio Estate Planning

In Ohio, you must be at least 18 years old and "of sound mind" to create a last will and testament (or any estate planning document). Most adults should have some basic estate plans in place, but the majority don't. Talk to an estate planning attorney today to learn how estate planning can help you take control of your healthcare, legal and financial issues today, while also helping you plan for the future.

Asset Protection Through Estate Planning

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning does more than just deal with death.

True, the last will and testament is the most commonly used estate planning document. But estate planning also:

  • Allows you to designate a healthcare surrogate to make medical decisions on your behalf if you're incapacitated (using a healthcare power of attorney document)
  • Lets you empower someone else to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf (using a financial power of attorney document)
  • Explains your end-of-life treatment and medical decisions
  • Protects your assets and finances so you have money available to you later in life

Wealth preservation is one of the lesser-known aspects of estate planning, but it can be particularly valuable. Imagine, for example, that you own your own business and are sued. Are your home and savings at risk of being seized to satisfy a court judgment? Or suppose you face a catastrophic health issue and require ongoing care. Would your savings be depleted? Estate planning can help you ensure that you have the money you need to enjoy life in your later years.

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