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Nebraska Estate Planning

Estate planning can serve many purposes, from explaining how you'd like your assets distributed after your death to minimizing what's paid in federal estate tax and Nebraska inheritance tax. It can also be used to address legal, financial and medical issues while you're alive. An estate planning attorney can help review and assess your needs,and determine what estate planning tools are appropriate for you and your family.

Among the most common estate planning tools:

Estate Planning FAQ

What are the legal requirements to creating a last will and testament?

In Nebraska, you must be at least 18 years old (or married, if under the age of 18) to create a last will and testament. You must also be "of sound mind."

Who needs a last will and testament?

Almost every adult can benefit from a last will. You should have a last will and testament if:

  • You have assets, such as money, real estate and personal possessions, or
  • You have minor children, or
  • You own a business, or
  • You don't want your property distributed according to Nebraska intestate laws after you die

What does a financial power of attorney do?


Your power of attorney (POA) document is used to appoint an attorney in fact, who can perform certain legal and financial tasks while you are alive. The POA can be as broad as is permissible by law or as narrow as you'd like. It's not unusual to name someone your attorney in fact and empower them to sign just one legal contract on your behalf on one specific day. But you could also name someone your attorney in fact and give them broad powers over your financial and legal affairs, but only make the POA effective if you're incapacitated.

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