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Minnesota Estate Planning

Most adults in Minnesota haven't undertaken even the most basic of estate planning. Many people don't think they need a last will and testament, but if you die without one, your assets will be distributed according to state law, with no regard for the actual needs of your heirs or any verbal promises you may have made. Talk to an estate planning attorney today to learn how you can look after your loved ones after you pass away and secure your financial future while you're alive.

Am I a Candidate for Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the term used to describe the legal documents you create and other actions you take that give you greater control over financial issues, legal matters and medical concerns while you are alive, while also creating a plan for passing your estate onto your heirs after your death. Estate planning can include a:

Under Minnesota law, you can create a last will and testament if you are an adult (at least 18 years old) and "of sound mind," meaning you understand what you're doing. A will must be in writing and signed by you (or your representative at your direction) as well as two witnesses.

You're a good candidate to create a will if:

  • You meet the state of Minnesota's legal requirements, and
  • You own assets, such as money, a car, a home, retirement accounts or other items of value, or
  • You are married and/or you have minor children (under the age of 18), or
  • It's been several years since you last created a last will and testament and/or your will was created in state other than Minnesota, or
  • You want to change any of the bequests in your existing last will and testament, or
  • You want to name a new executor in your existing last will and testament

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