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Louisiana Estate Planning

The majority of adults in Louisiana don't have a last will and testament—or any estate planning tools, for that matter. And that's a mistake. It's wrong to assume that wills are just for old people and rich people. Every adult should have a will, and if you already have one, you should update it regularly. An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process.

Crafting a Last Will & Testament

The last will and testament is the most common estate planning document. It can be used to:

  • Name an executor to manage and distribute your estate (per your instructions) after your death
  • Explain who should receive your assets after your death and how much each person or entity should receive
  • Name a legal guardian for your children should you and your child's other parent both pass away while your children are minors

Most states require someone to be at least 18 years old before they can create a last will and testament. Louisiana law has no such requirement, although the testator (or person creating a will) must be able to read and sign his or her name.

Before meeting with an estate planning attorney, spend some time:

  • Making a list of your assets, including money, financial accounts, real estate, businesses and personal property. (If you own a property in joint tenancy with someone else, you'll want to make note of that.)
  • Making a list of all of your beneficiaries, or people and charities to whom you'd like to leave your assets. Include each person's full name, address and birth date, so they can be easily identified when your will is read.
  • Make notes about how you'd like to distribute your property after your die.
  • Think about who you'd like to serve as executor of your estate. Your executor can be your attorney or a friend or family member. You'll want to select someone who's trustworthy, well organized, responsible, and comfortable dealing with legal and financial issues.

Bring all of that information, plus any prior wills, with you when you meet with an estate planning lawyer. It will help facilitate the process of creating your last will and testament.

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