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Idaho Estate Planning

Estate planning gives you more control over the legal, financial and medical aspects of your life—while you're still alive and after you pass away. Even if you've already created a last will and testament, for example, you should regularly revisit and update your estate planning documents. If you move into or out of Idaho, you may need to draft new documents, or if you experience major life changes (such as marriage or divorce), you'll want to update these documents. An estate planning attorney can help you create and update your estate planning documents.

Do I Need Estate Planning?

Many people are under the impression that estate planning is just for the rich and elderly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you are legally an adult (18 years old, in Idaho) you should consider your estate planning needs. That's because estate planning involves more than just money and death.

Estate planning allows you to:

  • Exercise some control over your healthcare if you're incapacitated by an accident or illness, as well as when you're in the end-stages of your life. A healthcare power of attorney lets you designate a person (your proxy or surrogate) to discuss your medical treatment with healthcare professionals and make treatment decisions if you're unable to communicate. A living will lets you explain what end-of-life treatment you do and don't want to receive.
  • Authorize someone else (your agent or attorney in fact) to make financial transactions and sign legal documents on your behalf. A power of attorney document can be very broad or narrow in scope as you wish. It's commonly used to empower someone to sign legal documents (such as a real estate closing contract) for you, access your financial accounts, move money, pay bills and discuss your taxes with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Determine how your estate—including real estate, money and personal property—is distributed after your death. A last will and testament and a living trust are two of the most commonly tools used to pass along your assets to your heirs after you die. The last will and testament can also be used to name a guardian, in the event of your death, for your minor children.

An estate planning lawyer can review your specific situation and recommend specific estate-planning tools for you. In doing so, the attorney will want to know if you have any children. Are you married? Do you have a large estate or a small one? Have you been diagnosed with any potential debilitating or fatal diseases? Are you concerned about preserving your wealth as you grow older? All of these details and more can help guide your estate planning needs.

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