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District of Columbia Estate Planning

If you're familiar with a last will and testament, you probably know that estate planning allows you to control how your assets are distributed after your death. But did you also know that estate planning can help you control your medical care and treatment if you're incapacitated, minimize federal and District of Columbia estate taxes after your death, and select a legal guardian for your children if you die while they're still minors? Talk to an estate planning attorney for more information.

Estate Planning FAQ

Who can benefit from estate planning?

Almost every adult can benefit from some type of estate planning. In particular, you should consider talking to an estate planning lawyer if you have assets (such as a retirement account or home), have young children, own a business or are worried about being incapacitated by an unexpected illness, accident or medical condition.

I already have a last will and testament. Do I need anything more?

No two people are identical, and an estate planning attorney is the best person to review your situation and help determine whether other estate planning documents would be useful for you. And even if you have a last will and testament, it should be periodically reviewed and updated. You may need a new will if, since your will was drawn up:

  • You've moved to the District of Columbia from another state
  • You have gotten married or divorced, had children or been widowed
  • Have bought or sold real estate or a business
  • Want to change the executor of your estate or any of your beneficiaries

How can estate planning help me in the event that I'm incapacitated?

There are several estate planning documents that can help you if you're incapacitated. A power of attorney document allows you to designate someone else to access your financial accounts and sign legal documents on your behalf. This can help ensure that your bills are paid if you're unable to manage your finances yourself. A healthcare power of attorney lets you designate someone to talk to your healthcare providers and make medical decisions on your behalf. A living will allows you to explain the care you'd like to receive in end-of-life situations.

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