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Connecticut Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for the rich and the elderly. Every adult in Connecticut can benefit from some basic estate planning tools, such as a last will and testament, power of attorney and advanced medical directives. To learn how you can gain control of your financial legacy and medical care should you become incapacitated, talk to a local estate planning attorney.

Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

There are countless situations when it makes sense to get the expert advice of an estate planning lawyer. You should hire an attorney if:

  • You have savings, investments, real estate, a business and/or personal property and want to control who inherits it after your death
  • You've recently gotten married, divorced or widowed and either don't have a last will and testament or haven't updated it recently
  • You have minor children and don't have a last will and testament
  • You've been diagnosed with a debilitating or life-threatening disease and want to use a healthcare power of attorney document to name a healthcare surrogate
  • You have strong feelings about the medical care you'd like to receive when you are close to death and want to create a living will
  • You're concerned about the impact that federal and Connecticut estate taxes will have on your estate after you pass away and want to take steps to minimize those taxes
  • Your estate planning documents were created while living in a state other than Connecticut
  • You want to create a power of attorney document that authorizes someone else to sign legal documents on your behalf or access your financial accounts
  • You've been named executor of an estate and need help with the probate process
  • You're concerned about your personal privacy as well as the privacy of your heirs and want to take steps to preserve that privacy after your die using an estate planning tool such as a living trust

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The fact that you've read this article means you're ready to start thinking about estate planning. Your next step is to hire an estate planning lawyer in your area—and can help. Whether you live in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven or elsewhere in Connecticut, our free legal referral service can quickly connect you with local estate planning attorneys. Call us today at 877-913-7222 or complete the form on this page to get matched with lawyers in your area.