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Alaska Estate Planning

Are you worried about long-term care costs eating up your savings? Do you have young children and worry about what might happen to them if you died unexpectedly or were incapacitated? Do you have a home, savings and other assets, and want to ensure that the bulk of your estate goes to your family—and not the government? (Fortunately, Alaska doesn't not levy an estate tax, but the federal government does.) Estate planning can help you address these issues and others. Talk to an estate planning attorney today.

Secure Your Financial Future With Estate Planning


When most people think of estate planning, they think of a last will and testament. Although a will is an essential tool for many people, estate planning involves so much more.

And estate planning doesn't just focus on what happens to your property after you die. For some people, the most important part of estate planning is that it helps them preserve their wealth while they're still alive.

An estate planning lawyer can help you secure your financial future by:

  • Developing strategies to protect your assets if you suffer from unexpected health conditions
  • Minimizing the federal estate taxes paid to the government upon your death
  • Helping you determine whether it makes sense to take advantage of the gift tax limits and distribute some of your estate while you're still alive
  • Creating a living trust, if appropriate, to ensure that your portions of your estate are shielded from creditors or in the event of a divorce

Many people make the mistake of assuming that estate planning is only for the wealthy, or those people who have children or own property. Not true! Every adult should create an estate plan now, while healthy and mentally competent, to help plan for their future. Talk to estate planning lawyers today to learn more about how you could benefit from estate planning.

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