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Wyoming Traffic Violations

The two types of traffic violations in Wyoming are non-moving and moving violations. If you receive a certain number of moving violations in one year, you can lose your license. More serious moving violations could mean jail time. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you determine the best course of action.

Types of Traffic Violations

Non-moving violations are status violations. You do not have to appear in court for these tickets. A status violation ticket can be a meter or equipment violation.

The other type includes moving traffic violations. These might require you to appear in court. These include speeding, not stopping at a red light, reckless driving, and fleeing a police officer.

Most moving violations are misdemeanors, which are criminal offenses. It can include possible jail time of up to one year, if serious. For a first-time conviction of drunk driving or reckless driving, you can automatically lose your license for 90 days. Your insurance payments could also go up considerably.

Wyoming's Speed Laws

Wyoming does not have a points system. You can still have your license suspended if you get four moving tickets in one year, though. This includes moving violations from out-of-state.

The speed limit for Wyoming state highways is 65 miles per hour. You can get a fine for speeding based on how fast you were going:

  • Five dollars for each mile per hour from 65 to 70 with a maximum of $25
  • If over 70 miles per hour, a minimum of $25 and three dollars for each mile per hour over 70

Cities or towns have their own fines. You cannot be fined more than $200 for a first speeding offense. Your second offense is no more than $300. A third or more cannot be more than $500.

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Your moving violation could result in loss of your license. It could mean jail in some cases. A traffic violations lawyer may be able to help reduce your fine and keep you out of jail if you have a serious misdemeanor moving violation charge. Call now to speak with a Wyoming traffic violations lawyer today at 877-913-7222.