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South Carolina Traffic Violations

Most traffic violations are infractions and are not criminal offenses. Minor traffic offenses include having a broken headlight or an expired license plate. Many moving traffic violations, though, can result in heavy fines, loss of your license, and sometimes a jail sentence. If you have a serious traffic violation, a traffic violations lawyer may be able to help.

Serious Moving Violations

More serious moving violations can be misdemeanors. These are criminal offenses that become part of your public record:

  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit-and-Run accident
  • Failing to stop for a police officer

You have a right to a jury trial for these violations. The stakes are high. You could lose your driver's license and pay hefty fines. You could even face 10 days to six months in jail or more.

South Carolina Points System

Moving violations have point penalties. The more serious your violation, the more points will be added. If you get 12 points, your license will be suspended.

You can get six points for reckless driving or passing a stopped school bus. You can get four points following too closely, speeding from 10 to 25 miles per hour over the limit, and unlawful turning. Out-of-state violations also count on your record.

You may get your points reduced by half if you have no suspensions for one year. All your points are erased if you have no suspensions over two years. A moving violation, however, stays on your record for three years. If you qualify, take a defensive driving course. You can deduct four points from your record if you do.

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Traffic violations lawyers handle these types of cases every day. They know how to challenge evidence and police procedures. In doing so, they may be able to get your charges dropped or penalties reduced. These offenses are too serious to not have a lawyer. Call now to speak to a South Carolina traffic violations attorney at 877-913-7222.