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Rhode Island Traffic Violations

Traffic violations occur when drivers break the rules of the road. If you are stopped by police for a traffic violation, it is important to understand the charges and potential penalties. Some traffic ticket fines are costly. And some violations can lead to license suspension or increased insurance rates. If you are issued a ticket, a traffic violations lawyer can help.

Traffic Violations in Rhode Island

Many states use a point system for tracking traffic violations. Rhode Island does not. But the state does impose costly fines for each offense.

Examples of moving violations and associated fines include:

  • Driving with an expired license—$75
  • Following other drivers too closely—$75
  • Speeding 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit—$85
  • Excessive speeds over 11 mph posted speed limit—$195.00 + $10 per additional mile over limit

Minors receive a $50 fine if caught using a phone while driving. Drivers of any age are not allowed to text and drive in Rhode Island, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

What to Do if Stopped By Police in Rhode Island

If a police stop you for a traffic violation, it is important to follow the officer's directions. The Rhode Island Driver's Manual suggests some guidelines:

  • Pull over if an officer signals. Do this by slowing down and moving over to the right. But do not block traffic, roadways, or driveways.
  • Put the window down and turn the engine off. If it is nighttime, leave the interior light of the car on. Leave your seat belt on, unless you are asked to exit the car.
  • Keep hands on steering wheel.
  • Remain stationary. Avoid making sudden movements.
  • Do as the officer asks. Do not hand over license, insurance, or registration information until requested.

Do not argue with the police officer. Motorists are allowed to appeal driving violations. Many cases are heard by the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

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Any driver wishing to contest a driving violation is allowed to do in Rhode Island. A traffic ticket attorney can examine your situation. He or she can determine the best way to deal with your violations. Call now to speak with a traffic violations attorney in Rhode Island at 877-913-7222.