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North Dakota Traffic Violations

Driving a car is a licensed privilege in the United States. Each state creates its own laws and penalty systems. If a driver breaks a law, usually a traffic ticket results. Generally, traffic violations come with costly fines. But in some cases, a license can be taken away. If you are issued a traffic ticket or charged with a misdemeanor driving offense, a lawyer can help you.

North Dakota Point System

The North Dakota Department of Transportation uses a point system to track driver traffic violations. Each offense is assigned one to 24 points, depending on the rule broken. A driver's license is suspended once 12 points are reached. As a penalty, each point over 11 will get a motorist a seven-day suspension. Drivers under the age of 18 lose their license once six points are reached.

How North Dakota Police Measure Speed

Speeding is a common type of moving traffic violation. Authorities say 30 to 40 percent of fatal crashes in North Dakota are related to speeding. The North Dakota Highway Patrol measures speed in several ways:

  • Radar
  • A hand-held laser used in a stationary position
  • Aircraft
  • Certified speedometers used in police cars

The number of points assigned for speeding depends on the posted speed limit and how fast over the limit the motorist was driving. For example, zero points are assigned if the driver goes 1 to 5 mph over the limit, and 15 points are assigned for excessive speeds.

Drinking and Driving in North Dakota

Each year hundreds of motorists are arrested for drinking and driving in North Dakota. Under state law, driving under the influence is considered a serious offense. First time offenders receive a fine and a 91-day license suspension. A second DUI offense results in a minimum of a one-year license suspension. Additional arrests result in harsher penalties.

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