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North Carolina Traffic Violations

When you break a traffic law in North Carolina, you face two point systems. First, you get points on your license if you plead guilty, wave your right to a court hearing, or get convicted in court. Then you also get insurance points. A high number of license and insurance points has a negative result. Before deciding how to handle a ticket, learn more about points and talk to a North Carolina traffic violations lawyer.

Driver's License Points

The state department of motor vehicles keeps track of all points given to drivers. Those points stay on your license for three years. Examples of minor and misdemeanor traffic violations and their point values include:

  • 1 point: Littering from a motor vehicle
  • 2 points: Not properly restraining a child
  • 3 points: Running a stop sign or red light; speeding in excess of 55 mph; driving without liability insurance; and speeding in a school zone
  • 4 points: Reckless driving; hit and run property damage; tailgating; illegal passing; and failure to yield to a pedestrian, bicycle, motor scooter, or motorcycle
  • 5 points: Passing a stopped school bus and aggressive driving

For a full list of traffic violations and penalties, see the North Carolina Driver's Handbook. It also includes information about points for commercial licenses. A traffic ticket attorney can advise you how to handle North Carolina's point system.

Insurance Points

When you get moving traffic violations, insurance companies use a different system to figure rates and coverage. It ranges from one to 12 points. Most minor tickets earn one point. Major crimes such as prearranged highway racing can earn up to 12 points. Low points can raise your rates. High points often result in cancelation of your policy. For information on traffic violations and insurance points, contact your agent.

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