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New York Traffic Violations

Speeding in New York can add up to hundreds of dollars in fines and possible jail time. Consider seeking the help of a traffic violations attorney if you receive a speeding ticket in the state.

What Are the Penalties for Speeding?

If ticketed for speeding, you can expect to pay $100 or more depending on how fast you were going. You may also go to jail in some cases.

Possible fines and jail time are:

  • Up to 10 mph over: $90-$150 fine, up to 15 days
  • More than 10 mph, but not more than 30 mph over: $180-300 fine, up to 30 days
  • More than 30 mph over: $360-$600 fine, up to 30 days

The maximum fine jumps by $100 for a second offense in 18 months. It increases by $375 for a third and subsequent offense during that time. You can lose your license if convicted of three speeding offenses in 18 months. Fines for speeding in a work zone are doubled.

New York's Point System

Traffic violations also go on your driving record under a point system. The number of points for speeding are:

  • 3 points: 1 to 10 mph over
  • 4 points: 11 to 20 mph over
  • 6 points: 21 to 30 mph over
  • 8 points: 31 to 40 mph over
  • 11 points: more than 40 mph over

Once you reach six points you may have to pay a driver responsibility assessment to the state. The assessment, which must be paid each year for three years, starts at $100 for six points and goes up for additional points.

What Should You Do if Ticketed?

If you are charged with speeding, write down any possible evidence including road and traffic conditions, signage and anything else that may be important. Consider contacting a traffic ticket lawyer to get advice on whether to fight the ticket. A traffic ticket lawyer handles discussions on your behalf with the judge. He may seek evidence, like a copy of the officer’s training record and fight to have the ticket dismissed. If you can’t totally beat the ticket, your lawyer may still help get the fine reduced or avoid points on your record.

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