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New Hampshire Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are actions that break the rules of driving and often result in tickets. Some types of traffic offenses are minor. But other moving violations are considered serious offenses. If you find yourself charged with a ticket or misdemeanor traffic violation, a lawyer can help.

New Hampshire's Demerit Points System

New Hampshire's Division of Motor Vehicles uses a point system to track driver traffic offenses. Called demerit points, the number of points given depends on the traffic rule that was broken. Points given to drivers found guilty of traffic violations can be anywhere between 1 and 6, depending on the law disobeyed.

Examples of violations and points include:

  • Aggravated DWI—6 points
  • Abandoning a car—3 points
  • Disobeying a police officer—6 points
  • Failure to show police officer a license—2 points
  • Improper passing—4 points
  • Speeding—between 3 and 4 points, depending on how high over the posted limit

Demerit points stay on a driver's record for three years. Too many points can result in a driver's license being suspended or revoked.

Suspension of License for Traffic Tickets in New Hampshire

Penalties given for breaking the rules of the road vary. Drivers under age 18 can lose their licenses with fewer points than adult drivers. For instance, if a 17-year-old gets 12 points in two years, he or she can lose his or her license for up to 6 months. A driver over age 21 can lose his or her license for up to 6 months with 18 points in two years.

What Is a Habitual Offender?

The State of New Hampshire identifies habitual offenders. These drivers are people who break driving laws repeatedly and are noted as very poor drivers. Drivers that want to get this label removed from their driver records must request a hearing in writing.

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Traffic tickets can result in costly fines or a suspended license. It is also expensive to reinstate a license if privileges are taken away. In addition, insurance rates can be affected. An attorney can examine any tickets in New Hampshire or out-of-state and help determine the best way to approach your tickets. Call now to speak with a traffic violations attorney in New Hampshire at 877-913-7222.