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Missouri Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets are a pain for most people. Getting a ticket for parking or for driving just over the speed limit may only mean a fine. More serious moving traffic violations can be misdemeanor traffic violations and are criminal offenses. In these cases, you should consult a Missouri traffic violations lawyer because you could lose your license or even get jail time.

The Missouri Point System

When you get a moving traffic violation, the Missouri Department of Revenue puts points on your record. When you get a certain number of points, your license will be suspended. The more serious the violation, the more points you will receive:

  • Careless driving: 4 points
  • Driving on a suspended license: 12 points
  • Speeding: 2 points if a city ordinance
  • Speeding: 3 points if state speed law
  • Felony involving a motor vehicle: 12 points

If you get 12 points in one year or 8 points in 18 months, your license will be suspended. An out-of-state violation will also count as points on your record. For misdemeanor traffic violations like drunk driving, your license is automatically suspended.

How to Avoid Suspensions

For some violations, you can avoid suspension of your license by going to traffic school. You cannot go to traffic school if you have more than one moving traffic violation in one year. You won't be able to remove most misdemeanor traffic violations from your record, such as drunk driving, fleeing a police officer or being in a hit-and-run accident. These violations can also cause your car insurance payments to go much higher.

Locate a Local Missouri Traffics Violations Lawyer Today

In many cases, a traffic violations attorney can often make a deal with the prosecutor so you can keep your license. Your lawyer can also get your fine reduced or make sure you do not go to jail. In some cases, a conviction could mean loss of your job. Consulting a lawyer is your best bet to avoid this from happening. Call now to speak to a Missouri traffic violations lawyer at 877-913-7222.