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Mississippi Traffic Violations

Driving a car means taking responsibility. When you are behind the wheel, it is important to follow local laws and general safety rules. If you do not adhere to the rules of the road you could end up with a traffic violation. If you are issued a ticket, a traffic violations attorney can help.

Driving Violations in Mississippi

Traffic violations in Mississippi can be moving or nonmoving violations. Examples of moving violations are speeding, running a stop sign, not wearing a seat belt, and driving under the influence. Nonmoving violations include expired license plates or registration, lack of insurance, and illegal parking.

Mississippi Traffic Tickets

Mississippi does not track driver traffic violations on a point system like other states, but breaking traffic rules is taken seriously. Computer systems are used to issue traffic tickets and track data. Drivers that receive traffic tickets usually have to pay costly fines.

Suspending Drivers' Licenses

Depending on the type of offense, you can lose your driving privileges. According to Mississippi driving law, drivers can lose their licenses for many reasons, including:

  • Not showing up in court to answer charges
  • Failing to pay fines or fees
  • Committing an offense that requires mandatory license revocation
  • Involvement in an accident that resulted in serious harm to a person or property
  • Not competent to drive a motor vehicle
  • The driver is a repeat offender
  • Commitment of an offense out-of-state that violates Mississippi law

The more traffic violations on your record, the harsher the penalty can be. Some drivers that commit criminal offenses may even receive jail time.

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Paying a ticket is considered an admission of guilt. If you consult with a lawyer, your traffic attorney can assess your situation and help you decide how to proceed. Call now to speak with a traffic violations attorney in Mississippi at 877-913-7222.