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Minnesota Traffic Violations

Did you get caught breaking a rule of the road in the North Star State? If so, you'll likely face a fine or even jail time in more serious cases. To understand the system, talk to a Minnesota traffic violations lawyer. A legal professional can advise you on how to move forward and also represent you in court if needed.

Types of Minnesota Tickets

Most of the state divides its traffic violations and penalties into three groups. In Hennepin County, they are:

  • Payable citations: Minor offenses, where you pay a fine.
  • Administrative citation: You address moving traffic violations with the court system and pay fines.
  • Court-required citations: You must appear in court.

With a court-required citation, the court sends you a notice to appear. Talk to a Minnesota traffic ticket attorney for advice.

Hearing Officer Option

If you want to plead guilty, many Minnesota counties make hearing officers available. They also meet with those who cannot afford to pay a fine. This option works best if you committed a minor offense. The officer may reduce or dismiss those charges. The Minnesota Judicial Branch advises that Minnesota hearing officers settle about 85 percent of the cases they hear. If the officer does not settle your case, you'll get a hearing. Misdemeanor traffic violations, such as misdemeanor drunk driving charges, are not usually settled with hearing officers. In such cases, you should hire a legal professional.

Consult a travel violations lawyer if you face a serious criminal traffic offense, whether out-of-state or as a Minnesota resident. Reckless driving that results in the death of another qualifies as such.

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A legal professional can help you handle your case in the best way possible. Every day, experienced traffic violations attorneys deal with cases like yours. Your insurance may go up if you get a guilty verdict. It pays to enlist the help of a pro. Call now to speak with a traffic violations lawyer in Minnesota at 877-913-7222.