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Maine Traffic Violations

Traffic violations occur when drivers break the rules of the road. In Maine, many violations are considered to be minor in nature and do not result in jail time. Other charges, such as drinking and driving, are considered to be major offenses. These criminal violations have harsher consequences. If you are issued a ticket for either a minor or major offense, a traffic attorney can help.

Potential Penalties for Traffic Violations in Maine

Fines are common penalties in Maine for drivers that have been found guilty of minor traffic violations. Additional penalties can apply if fines are not paid, according to the State of Maine Judicial Branch. Several minor offenses in a short period of time can result in serious consequences. This can include suspension of license. To get a license back, you have to pay reinstatement fees.

Maine Traffic Tickets: Did You Know?

In Maine, drivers have 20 calendar days to answer to a traffic violation. This includes both admissions of guilt and tickets that are contested. Here are some other things to know about traffic violations:

  • All Motorists have the right to a traffic violation hearing. These cases are heard by a judge, not a jury.
  • Drivers with multiple traffic tickets can pay some and contest others, according to state policy.
  • Traffic tickets are considered civil matters in Maine.
  • Drivers not contesting tickets can pay in person, by mail or online.

It is important to respond to any tickets you get. Not doing so can lead to additional legal problems.

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