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Iowa Traffic Violations

Getting a ticket for a moving traffic violation happens to everyone sooner or later. If you were caught speeding or did not stop at a stop sign or traffic light, you may only have to pay a fine. For other cases, like driving on a suspended license or drunk driving, you can lose your license and go to jail. For serious traffic violation cases, you should consult an Iowa traffic violations attorney.

Types of Traffic Violations

You can get a ticket for nonmoving traffic violations such as parking tickets or not having a license plate. Other violations are criminal offenses that can carry large fines, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Hit-and-run
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Fleeing the police

Any of these criminal traffic violations can lead to thousands of dollars in penalties. Your insurance premiums can go up, and jail time is also possible.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

The Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles looks at your driving record if you get too many violations. If you have more than three moving violations in one year, a judge can suspend your license. You can also lose your license if you were driving more than 25 miles over the speed limit.

You will get points for different violations. Most moving violations stay on your driving record for five years. A drunk driving violation will stay on your record for 12 years. An out-of-state traffic violation can also affect your record. In Iowa, you will receive two points for driving on a revoked license. A drunk driving offense is four points. Fleeing from the police is five points. These violations can mean loss of your license if you accumulate six to seven points over two years.

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