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Georgia Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can be as minor as a parking ticket or making an illegal turn. They can also mean more serious violations for which you might want to hire a Georgia traffic violations lawyer.

Minor traffic violations such as not wearing a seatbelt may result in a fine. The more serious ones can be misdemeanors. These violations can result in you losing your license and other penalties.

Moving Traffic Violations

Not all moving traffic violations are misdemeanors. The following violations usually yield only a fine:

  • Illegal U-turn
  • Some speeding violations
  • Illegal lane change
  • Going through a red light

If you have not had any other moving violations, you might be able to go to traffic school. You may have to pay a fine and a fee. When you finish the class, your violation will no longer be on your driving record.

Misdemeanor traffic violations can mean jail in some cases. You can have your license suspended and pay thousands of dollars in fines. Most drunk driving violations, for instance, mean jail time and loss of your license. You will also have to pay much more for your car insurance. Or your insurance could be canceled.

The Georgia Points System

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles assigns points for moving violations. If you get 15 points in 24-months, you license will be suspended. Any out-of-state violation will also be counted on your record.

For example, if you speed 15 to 18 miles over the limit, you will get two points. If you go through a red light or stop sign, you get 3 points. Most moving violations are 3 points. To get your license back, you might have to take a driving course.

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Losing your license can make it hard for you to get to work or school. A Georgia traffic violations attorney may be able to help get your ticket dismissed or penalties reduced. He or she may be able to keep points off your driving record, for instance. Call now to speak to a Georgia traffic violations lawyer at 877-913-7222.