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Florida Traffic Violations

If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, it is important to understand the charges and potential penalties. Traffic violations in Florida can range from speeding tickets to leaving the scene of an accident. There are also many different types of moving violations. A lawyer can help if you have been issued a traffic ticket.

Penalties for Traffic Violations in Florida

Florida tracks drivers that break the rules by assigning points to motorists' driving records. If a driver gets too many points, penalties will apply. The penalty received will depend upon how many points are assigned within a period of time; this ranges from one to three years. Penalties can include fines and other fees, and some charges may even be considered criminal offenses.

Florida Traffic Laws and Points

There are many different types of traffic violations in Florida. Here are some of the violations and points that can be assigned:

  • Drivers found guilty of speeding will get three to six points.
  • Failure to stop at a steady red signal gets four points.
  • Improper passing gets three points.
  • Passing a stopped school bus gets four points.
  • Failure to yield or stop in a four-way intersection gets three points.

The State of Florida can suspend your license for 30 days if you get 12 or more points within one year. If you get 24 points over 3 years, you may lose your license for one year. Drivers with in-state or non-criminal moving violations can reduce points by taking an approved traffic school course. This is not an option, however, for out-of-state violations, which do add points to your record. Drivers can check their licenses online to find out about any traffic violations on their records.

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If you are pulled over by police for a traffic violation, a skilled lawyer can help. Traffic violations can cost you money, affect your license standing, and impact your auto insurance. Your traffic ticket attorney can examine your situation and help figure out the best way to approach dealing with your tickets. Call now to speak with a traffic violations attorney in Florida at 877-913-7222.