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Do I Have To Pay Court Fees For Traffic Tickets

Most traffic tickets are issued for minor violations. Things like not having a shoulder harness seat belt, driving with an expired license or registration, or using a cell phone in the lane of traffic are considered civil infractions. No court appearance is required in most cases if you don't contest the ticket. People who get tickets for violations like these simply go to a police station to pay a fine and show proof of correction.

Unfair Traffic Tickets And The Law

Most of the time, police issue tickets fairly. But what if you get pulled over and cited for something you didn't do? Unfortunately, some traffic officers do issue bogus citations as a way of filling their monthly quota. They'll pull drivers over for trivial reasons such as "weaving", even if the driver was only swerving to avoid a tire-damaging chuck hole. Some even drive closely behind a car traveling late at night, hoping to make the driver nervous enough to run a stop sign or make a turn from the wrong lane. These unfair tickets can put negative points on your driving record, causing an increase in your insurance rates.

If you are unfairly ticketed, you should still be polite with the officer but plan to contest the ticket in court. You can begin to collect evidence right at the scene after the officer leaves. Notice the weather, road conditions, time of day, amount and speed of traffic. Write this down along with everything you remember about the pull-over and what the officer said to you. If your cell phone has a camera, take pictures.

Traffic Court And Court Costs

Many people present their own cases in traffic court, but you have a much better chance of winning if you hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to go over your evidence with you and explain your rights. With his knowledge of traffic laws and court procedures, you will be much better prepared when you go into court. It is possible to get the ticket reduced or dismissed altogether. Your lawyer can ask the judge to waive your court fees as well.