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Delaware Traffic Violations

Did you get caught speeding in Delaware? Or did you break another traffic law in the state? A Delaware traffic ticket lawyer can help you determine the best way to handle it. In some cases, an attorney may even be able to get the charges dropped or penalties reduced.

Know Your Options

The state court oversees Delaware traffic violations and fines. If you got a voluntary assessment citation, you can pay the ticket without going to court. Or you can plead not guilty and fight the charge. Most misdemeanor traffic violations result in this type of penalty. The paperwork the police provide states the type.

If you did not get a voluntary assessment citation, you must go to court. These can count as a traffic violations criminal offense. You should always hire a legal professional to represent you in these cases.

Delaware Traffic Points and Fees

No matter the type of ticket, if you are found guilty, the state puts points on your driver's license. As points add up, they result in more penalties. These penalties are:

  • 8 points: Warning letter
  • 12 points: Required driving/behavior course
  • 14 points: Mandatory four-month license suspension
  • 16 points: Mandatory six-month license suspension
  • 18 points: Mandatory eight-month license suspension
  • 20 points: Mandatory 10-month license suspension
  • 20 points: Mandatory 12-month license suspension

If your license is suspended, you must take a driving/behavior course to get it back. A guilty verdict always means points on your record. Your insurance company can raise your rates or even cancel coverage. A legal professional can help you fight charges in court.

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Whether you face a minor or more serious traffic violation, you need to know your rights. You could lose your license if you are found guilty. Or you could end up in jail. Get help from a legal professional who handles these types of cases every day. Call now to speak with a traffic ticket attorney in Delaware at 877-913-7222.