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Arizona Traffic Violations

Penalties for traffic violations vary by area in Arizona. You may face jail time or just a fine. An Arizona traffic violations lawyer can offer advice and represent you in court. They can even help Arizona drivers with traffic violations that occur out of state.

Arizona Civil Traffic Violations vs. Criminal Traffic Violations

Arizona has two types of traffic violations and penalties: civil and criminal. Speeding usually counts as civil. Driving under the influence (DUI) is criminal. There are both felony and misdemeanor DUI traffic violations. The class depends on the severity. Having a child in the car rates the crime as more severe.

You must respond to all types of traffic violations and fines. Ignoring them gets you in more trouble. A traffic violations attorney can advise you on the best plan.

Responses to Arizona Traffic Violations and Fees

Where you get moving traffic violations sets your options. Pima County has different rules than Apache County. So do Pinal and Maricopa counties. In Maricopa County Justice Courts, you can:

  • Go to defensive driving school, if eligible. This can eliminate certain traffic violations on record.
  • Admit to traffic violations and pay fines.
  • Deny traffic violations and request hearing.

The above applies to civil traffic violations. Criminal offense traffic violations require you to appear in court. Once there, you can:

  • Plead guilty.
  • Plead not guilty.
  • Plead no contest.

A traffic ticket lawyer can help you choose an appropriate plea. It is usually not wise to represent yourself. This advice applies to both misdemeanor and felony traffic violations.

Arizona Criminal Offense Traffic Violations and Penalties

Traffic violations that count as a criminal offense carry a range of penalties. A judge or jury delivers the verdict. They also set fines. Penalties in Maricopa County are:

  • Points on your driving record
  • A fine
  • Restriction or suspension of your driver's license
  • Jail
  • Community service
  • Education classes

Traffic violations also affect your driving record and insurance rates. An insurer might even drop your coverage. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney might help keep this from happening.

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