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What Should I Do If I Was A Passenger In An SUV Rollover Accident

In the past couple decades, the number of rollover accidents that has occurred in the United States has been drastically increasing. In 1994, there were 237,504 rollover accidents that occurred. In 2004, that figure increased to 275,637. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis reports that this was a 16 percent increase during those ten years. Because rollover accidents continue to occur, there is a greater need for lawyers to hold manufacturers accountable for design defects in SUV vehicles. If you have been involved in an SUV rollover accident, then you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and obtain compensation for the injuries suffered.

Steps To Take After An SUV Rollover Accident

After you have been involved in an SUV rollover accident, it is essential for you to gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. You should call up the police right after the accident. You should also file an accident report with the police. A personal injury attorney will use the accident report at trial to prove that the manufacturer created a defective product. Even if your case does not go to trial, this document will still be important for the lawyer to have. Your lawyer may need to refer to it while he or she is negotiating a settlement with an SUV manufacturer.

Here are some other steps that you should take after an SUV rollover accident:

  • Take photographs of the damaged vehicle.
  • Take video recordings with a smartphone.
  • Contact an attorney.
  • Obtain medical help for your injuries.
  • File a report with your doctor.

Contacting an Attorney

After you have followed these steps, an attorney will want to meet with you in person to discuss what happened in your case. Until this time, you should clearly tell your doctor about the injuries that you have suffered in the accident. You will only be able to record funds if you have suffered measurable damages in the form of injuries, pain and suffering or lost wages.