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Social Security Disability
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Massachusetts Social Security Disability Insurance

It can be humbling to realize you can no longer keep working due to an illness or injury. Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or other benefits can add to your stress. Many people are turned down. The good news is you do not have to go it alone. Massachusetts SSDI attorneys help people like you every day get disability benefits.

Who Can Get SSDI?

SSDI is part of Social Security. Workers fund Social Security through a tax deducted from paychecks. In turn, you are eligible for certain benefits. SSDI is one such program. You must have worked long enough to have paid a certain amount of this tax. You also must have a disability that:

  • Keeps you from doing the job you had before
  • Prevents you from doing a different job
  • Is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death

Certain conditions are so severe that they automatically qualify for benefits. But other cases are not so clear cut. SSD lawyers can help gather the appropriate documentation to ensure you get a fair review.

How Do I Apply in Massachusetts?

You apply for SSDI through the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSA forwards your file to Disability Determination Services. This state agency decides whether you get approved.

You may need to submit:

  • Personal information such as marital status and birth dates of minor children
  • Tax forms
  • Work history
  • A disability report detailing your condition
  • Details about any workers' compensation claim(s) you have filed

Massachusetts disability lawyers know the nuances of how the process works in your state. They can guide you through the application and appeal process, if needed.

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Out of work due to illness or injury? SSDI can offer a lifeline. Get in touch with an SSDI attorney who can assess your eligibility, ensure that all paper work is thorough, and even file an appeal, if needed. Call now to speak with a Massachusetts disability lawyer at 877-913-7222.