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What Happens If A Person Is Found Guilty Of A Sex Crime

Individuals convicted of sex crimes often face very serious punitive damages, including fines, probation and jail sentence. Many sex crimes are felonies, which carry the added weight of being on one's criminal record for life and may hinder employment or educational opportunities. However, in addition to the felony status and the immediate damages for the crime, sex criminals are required to list themselves on a sex offender registry, which carries with it a slew of other consequences that are often even more serious than those of standard felonies. Sex crime consequences are different from state to state. Only a qualified sex crimes attorney will be able to provide the most pertinent information regarding a particular case.

Lasting Consequences Of Sex Offender Status

Being a sex offender carries with it a lot of social stigma both in the eyes of society and in the eyes of the law. Sex offenders are not trusted in any employment or living situation that involves children, and wherever a background check is required, sex offender status will throw up red flags. Furthermore, sex offender status may last for decades or even for life. Under New York sex offender law, even those convicted of minor sex crimes remain on the sex offender list for twenty years. Perpetrators of serious sex crimes remain permanently on the list. While exact stipulations vary across states, it is generally the case that sex offender status lasts for decades if not for life. Consequences of sex offender classification include:


  • Perpetrator may no longer bear arms.
  • Perpetrator may be barred from living near certain neighborhoods or schools. Additionally, perpetrator may have to report any change of address to local police authorities.
  • Perpetrator may be required to inform neighbors of status as a sex offender.
  • Perpetrator may have to be photographed at the police station every 1-3 years.
  • Perpetrator may need to give Internet service provider information, online screen names and email addresses to the police.
  • Perpetrator may be barred from working in any capacity with children or sensitive populations.

Those found guilty of sex crimes must be in constant contact with police authorities for the rest of their natural lives. This is a very serious consequence, and while it is designed to protect society, it should also give individuals charged with a sex crime something to consider. Consult with a criminal lawyer for more information or for legal representation.