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When Should You Hire Injury Lawyers?

Personal injury lawyers-also called accident injury lawyers-represent clients in the area of personal injury law. This includes claims related to anything done to damage or harm a person or his or her property, reputation, or rights. For a plaintiff (the injured person) to win a personal injury lawsuit, another persons unreasonably unsafe actions or negligence must have caused the damage or harm.

Under this definition, injuries from traffic accidents, medical mistakes, product malfunction, or unsafe conditions on a property can be considered personal injuries. So too can psychological injuries that are caused by conduct such as libel or slander, which defame or harm a persons reputation through oral or written words.

Just because your injury meets these standards, though, doesnt mean you necessarily should file a lawsuit. You probably do not need to consult with injury lawyers if your injuries are minor or if the insurance company has offered a payout that fully covers your medical bills, lost wages, any accident-related damage to property, and any miscellaneous expenses. Know, however, that you're probably barred from suing once you accept the insurance company settlement offer, so do not accept it if you have any doubts as to whether it's fair and reasonable.

If youre unsure whether the insurance company has offered you a fair amount or if you dont know how to calculate the true cost of your injuries, it is worthwhile to get the opinion of a personal injury attorney-at-law before you accept the settlement. Also, because personal injury law varies by state, youll benefit from the experience and knowledge of these accident injury lawyers.

Methods for Finding Qualified Personal Injury Lawyers

If youre ready to move ahead with finding a personal injury attorney-at-law, you may want to begin by asking friends and other trusted acquaintances for referrals. Reliable sources such as the can also connect you with personal injury attorneys in your area.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney-at-Law

To help you choose from among the injury lawyers who could represent you in your claim, youll want to ask each one important questions. These include:

  • Has he or she represented clients with cases like yours before? If so, how often?
  • What are the possible outcomes and options for resolving your case?
  • Approximately how much will your total bill be, including fees and expenses?
  • How frequently will the lawyer update you on your case, and how long should it take to resolve?

Youll be able to determine from these answers, as well as answers to other questions you may have, if youll be comfortable having this injury lawyer handle your case.

Information Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Need

After youve selected your attorney, youll want to gather the proper paperwork before you meet with the lawyer. First, if your lawyer sends you a questionnaire, be sure to fill it out and bring it with you. It will likely ask questions about personal background, contact information, and your injury.

Other paperwork you should provide for your lawyer includes:

  • The names of companies and people involved in your case, including potential witnesses
  • Police or accident reports
  • Your medical care records and bills
  • Information on insurance coverage and communication with the insurance companies
  • Details on how your injury has affected your work and your personal life

The more information you can provide for your lawyer at the start, the better it will be for your case.