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What Do Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Cost?

If you or a loved one was recently injured in an accident with a semi-truck, you may be thinking about hiring a lawyer. If you've never before hired an attorney, you may be wondering how much semi-truck accident lawyers cost. This article will explain how personal injury lawyers (including truck crash attorneys) charge for their services.

Paying Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers with Contingency Fees

Most personal injury lawyers-the general term to describe attorneys who handle all sorts of injury-related lawsuits, including trucking accident lawsuits-do not charge their clients an up-front fee. Instead, the lawyer is paid a percentage of any money you receive from the party who's responsible for your injury. This is known as a contingency fee.

Semi-truck accident lawyers who charge a contingency fee only make money if they win or settle your case. If you lose your lawsuit or get no settlement, then the lawyer is paid nothing.

There is no set percentage that semi-truck accident lawyers are paid, but lawyers in the same area usually charge about the same percentage. This is something you can try to negotiate with a truck crash attorney.

When talking to lawyers about their fees, it's important to understand a few key details before selecting an attorney:

  • How much money does the attorney realistically expect that you could get in a financial settlement or if you win a lawsuit? What is the likelihood that you'd win a lawsuit?
  • How much does the attorney expect to spend in legal expenses? (These expenses will be deducted from any money you receive in a settlement or judgment.)
  • Does the attorney take his contingency fee from your gross award (i.e., before expenses have been deducted) or the net award (i.e., after expenses have been deducted)?

You should also have an accurate estimate of your total lifetime medical bills for treatment of your injuries, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing any property that was damaged. Any settlement or judgment will help pay your medical bills, but ideally you'd like a settlement that-after expenses and the attorney's fee-equals or exceeds the cost of your injury-related expense.

Paying an Hourly Fee

Some semi-truck accident lawyers may not offer to take your case on contingency but will offer to work for you and charge you an hourly fee, plus expenses. In this type of situation, you would be responsible for paying your lawyer's bill regardless of whether you win or lose the case.

If attorneys are unwilling to represent you on contingency, it probably means that you don't have a very strong case. Think twice about whether you want add to your expenses by paying a lawyer out of pocket.