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California Trucking Company Hit with $12.2 Million Verdict

A California jury recently awarded a motorist $12.2 million for injuries sustained in a trucking accident. In January 2008, a YRC tractor-trailer was traveling on Interstate 15 in San Diego County when two rear wheels came off the rear axle of the trailer. The plaintiff's Chevrolet Metro was struck by the two wheels, causing the seat-belted plaintiff to strike his head on the roof of the car.

Plaintiff Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries

The plaintiff sustained injuries to his neck, back, spine, and brain. He underwent neck surgery and is expected to endure continuing lifelong pain in his neck and back. He also lost his job as an airplane mechanic because he could no longer perform his duties due to his injuries. Furthermore, at trial, the plaintiff introduced evidence of brain injury that affects his memory, attention, and concentration, and altered his personality. The plaintiff's past medical bills exceeded $235,000, and his future medical bills will exceed $1.2 million.

Trucking Company Claimed Plaintiff's Injuries Were Fabricated

According to the report, the trucking company admitted that it was liable for the accident, but argued that the injuries claimed by the plaintiff were fabricated and that his neck surgery was necessary due to an unrelated condition. The company's position was maintained despite the reports and tests of the plaintiff's treating physicians that concluded that the plaintiff did indeed have a brain injury.

Jury Verdict for Plaintiff

The jury rejected the trucking company's arguments and found that the plaintiff did indeed sustain the injuries claimed and returned a verdict of $12.2 million. In this type of case, the verdict usually includes awards for past medical expenses and future medical expenses. The fact that the plaintiff could no longer return to his preaccident employment also would result in an award for not only past lost wages but also a further lessening of the plaintiff's wage-earning ability for the rest of his life. The final component of a verdict in this type of personal injury case is an award for the pain and suffering the plaintiff endured.

If you are injured in a trucking accident, be sure to consult with an attorney experienced in trucking and personal injury law who can vigorously defend your rights.