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How to Hire an Ohio Truck Accident Attorney

Being injured in a trucking accident can be a devastating experience. If you were injured in an accident that was someone else's fault, you should consider hiring an Ohio truck accident attorney to protect your interests and ensure that you receive all of the money you're entitled to. This article will guide you through the steps of hiring an Ohio truck crash lawyer.

Get Lawyer Recommendations

To begin, you'll need to identify lawyers in your area who have experience representing Ohio truck accident victims. You may know someone who's previously been in a truck accident and used an attorney. Ask that person whether they would recommend the attorney they hired. These personal recommendations can be very helpful.

If you are unable to obtain personal recommendations or you simply want the name of an additional attorney, you've come to the right place. offers a service to connect you with Ohio truck accident attorneys in your area.

Complete the form on this page to begin the process, or call us at 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few questions, we'll connect you with a local Ohio truck accidents attorney. The attorney will contact you within two business days, or you can call him or her at your convenience.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Most personal injury lawyers, including truck accident attorneys, offer prospective clients the opportunity to meet for a free initial consultation. This preliminary meeting gives you the chance to:

  • Tell the lawyer about the facts of your case
  • Interview the lawyer about his or her experience and qualifications handling trucking accident cases
  • Decide whether to hire the attorney

Prepare to Meet an Ohio Truck Accident Attorney

You'll want to do a couple things before each meeting to ensure you're well prepared.

First, collect all of the documents related to your accident and associated injuries. These would include:

  • The police report
  • Medical bills and doctor's reports
  • Letters from the insurance company

Make copies of these documents to bring to each meeting.

You'll also want to make notes about the specifics of your accident and injuries. Where and when did the accident occur? Who was involved? What happened? What kinds of injuries did you suffer? Write down these details to make sure you don't forget anything when telling the lawyer about your accident.

Finally, you'll want to make a list of questions to ask each Ohio truck accident attorney during each initial consultation. Remember that one of the objectives of this meeting is to decide whether to hire the lawyer, so you should focus on questions that help you reach this decision. Topics to cover include:

  • The lawyer's experience and background handling Ohio truck accident lawsuits
  • The lawyer's proposed strategy for handling your case
  • The lawyer's estimate of how much money you could receive from the party at fault in a settlement or judgment
  • An estimate of the lawyer's legal fees and expenses for handling your case

During & After the Initial Consultation

Remember to take your notes, documents, and list of questions to each initial consultation. You should also bring some writing materials so you can take notes during or immediately after the meeting ends. If you're meeting more than one Ohio truck accident lawyer, these notes will be useful when you sit down to decide which one to hire.

As you talk to the lawyer, think about whether he or she is suitable to handle your case. You may have specific criteria you're looking for-such as a lawyer who speaks Spanish or one who offers evening appointments-but you should also be assessing these criteria:

  • Does the attorney have experience handling Ohio truck accident cases?
  • Do you agree with the attorney's suggested strategy for handling your case?
  • Does the attorney's award estimate sound realistic?
  • Are the attorney's proposed legal fees and expenses reasonable?
  • Would you feel comfortable following the attorney's advice and relying on his or her judgment?

Once you've met with each lawyer, you'll need to decide which one to hire. You may immediately know which lawyer is best for you, in which case your decision will be an easy one. Otherwise, consider how well each attorney fits your criteria. Once you've found a lawyer who is a good match, you can move forward with your truck accident case.