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When to Hire a North Carolina Truck Crash Lawyer

If you are hurt in a truck accident that was someone else's fault, you have probably considered hiring a North Carolina truck crash lawyer. But if you've never before hired an attorney, you may be unsure of whether you need a lawyer. A North Carolina truck accident attorney can:

  • Help you understand what federal and state trucking and personal injury laws apply in your case
  • Estimate the total cost of your accident-related injuries, as well as the cost to repair or replace any of your property that was damaged or destroyed in the accident
  • Collect and review evidence, and work with other truck accident experts to help determine whether the truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, and/or other parties were at fault
  • Negotiate a financial settlement with the parties at fault in the accident
  • Argue your case in court if you are unable to reach an out-of-court settlement with the parties at fault

How Do You Know if You Need a North Carolina Truck Crash Lawyer?

Because no two trucking crashes are identical, only a North Carolina truck crash attorney who's familiar with the specific details of your accident can tell you whether you have a valid case. However, you will probably want to hire an attorney if:

  • You suffered serious injuries or injuries that may cause lifelong problems
  • Your vehicle was seriously damaged or damaged beyond repair
  • You've had to take time off from work because of your accident
  • You don't know the true cost of your accident
  • You are reluctant to negotiate with the party at fault (or their insurance company) because you worry you'll get a bad deal

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Personal injury lawyers, including North Carolina truck accident lawyers, usually offer prospective clients the opportunity to schedule a free initial consultation. At this meeting, you can get to know the lawyer while telling the lawyer about your accident. The lawyer should give you an assessment of your situation: Do you have a strong case? How much does the attorney think you could receive in a financial award? Does another party seem to be at fault?

If you have any doubt as to whether a lawyer could help with your North Carolina truck accident case, schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who represents North Carolina truck accident victims. The attorney should give you a candid evaluation of your situation and let you know whether it would make sense to retain legal counsel.