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When Should You Hire a Georgia Truck Crash Lawyer?

After being injured in a trucking accident that was someone else's fault, you've probably given thought to hiring a Georgia truck crash lawyer. But how do you know whether you need a lawyer for your case? A lawyer can help you in several ways. An attorney can:

  • Help you understand what trucking laws and personal injury laws apply in your situation
  • Develop an accurate estimate of the total cost of your injuries and the cost to repair or replace your damaged property
  • Work with trucking experts to help collect evidence and prove that the truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, and/or other parties were at fault
  • Negotiate a reasonable settlement with the parties at fault
  • Represent you in court if a lawsuit is necessary to resolve your case

There are some situations where you will always want to hire a Georgia truck accident attorney. In other situations, the need for an attorney may be a bit more uncertain. Fortunately, most Georgia truck accident lawyers offer free initial consultations to potential clients. If you have any question as to whether you need legal representation, you should schedule an initial consultation and ask the lawyer to assess your case.

When Do You Need to Hire a Georgia Truck Crash Lawyer?

There are certain circumstances when you should speak to a lawyer. These include:

  • If you believe the truck driver or trucking company was at fault, but they (or their insurance companies) are denying responsibility for the accident
  • If you suffered serious injuries that may lead to long-lasting health issues
  • If you don't know the true cost of your accident and associated injuries
  • If you don't want the hassle of negotiating with the parties at fault (or their insurance companies) or are reluctant to negotiate with them for fear of getting a poor deal or leaving money on the table
  • If you think gross negligence on the part of the driver, trucking company, or truck manufacturer caused the accident and you want to prevent other people from being injured under similar circumstances

There might be other circumstances where a lawyer is unnecessary for your case. You may not need a lawyer if:

  • Your accident was minor
  • You suffered no serious injuries
  • Your vehicle and personal property suffered no damage or little damage

However, as mentioned above, it still makes sense to talk to an experienced Georgia truck crash lawyer and ask for an assessment of your case. No two situations are identical, and only a lawyer who knows the specific details of your situation can tell you whether you have a legitimate case.