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Injured in a Slip and Fall? When to Hire a Lawyer

If you weren't hurt in the slip and fall, or were not hurt enough to seek treatment, you do not need to file a slip-and-fall lawsuit. Likewise, if all of your expenses are being covered by insurance, you may not need to contact a lawyer. But if your costs are not being covered or if you're unsure how to figure out the total cost of your injury, you'll want to find a personal injury lawyer to advise you about your case.

Questions to ask yourself before contacting a lawyer about your slip-and-fall accident are:

  • Am I hurt enough to seek medical treatment?
  • Will the injury affect my ability to earn a living? If yes, for how long?
  • Was the injury completely my fault, or was the surface I was walking on slippery or otherwise dangerous?
  • Will an insurance company-either mine or that representing the owner of the accident site-pay enough to cover all of my medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident?

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Lawsuit

Personal injury lawyers handle slip and fall lawsuits. If you decide to explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit after a slip-and-fall accident, you'll need to find a lawyer you trust.

A good place to begin is to ask for referrals from friends or others whose opinions you respect. In addition, sources such as the can connect you with personal injury attorneys in your area.

Find more information about how to hire a slip and fall attorney.

How Much Will It Cost?

Personal injury lawyers often are available for hire on a contingency fee basis. This means you will pay the lawyer a percentage of what you receive as a settlement of your case or as a judgment if your case goes to trial. Be sure to ask any lawyers you're considering what percentage they require as payment and if you will be required to pay any other expenses.  Find out other frequently asked questions.

Because personal injury law is complicated and is different in various states, your best bet at getting the settlement or judgment you deserve in your slip-and-fall lawsuit is to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.