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Slip and Fall Injury
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Slip and Fall Injuries in North Dakota

Under North Dakota law, real estate owners and their tenants have a legal obligation to maintain their property and fix safety hazards as soon as possible. That means homeowners should shovel sidewalks, supermarkets should promptly clean up spills and businesses should ensure that stairs and walkways are in good repair. If you've tripped or slipped and injured yourself on someone else's property, you have grounds for a lawsuit. Talk to a slip and fall attorney to understand your legal options.

Should You Hire a Slip & Fall Lawyer in North Dakota?

You're probably asking yourself how a slip and fall attorney can help you. Those are good questions.

Under North Dakota personal injury laws, you can collect money for your injuries if:

  • You incurred expenses as a result of your accident. These would include medical bills, lost wages or even damaged clothing.
  • The property owner or tenant was negligent in maintaining the property, and that negligence led to your slip and fall accident.
  • You and your lawyer file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of your injury. (This deadline is known as the statute of limitations.)

If these conditions exist, you should talk to a personal injury attorney in your area. Even if you're unsure of whether you meet the criteria, speak to an attorney. He or she can review the facts of your situation to help determine whether you have a valid case under North Dakota personal injury laws.

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